12 Feb

DOKHA is a tobacco that has been smoked in the Middle East for over 500 years. Unlike western Native American tobacco and hookah tobacco, it is not cured by molasses or honey. With the temperatures reaching well over 125 degrees it is sun dried and then packaged within days keeping the fresh taste of the tobacco intact and allowing the manufactures not to add any enhancers or chemicals. The lesser degree of processing allows the tobacco to hold its green color which users can see for themselves. A number of herbs, spices, dried flowers and fruit are mixed with the tobacco to better the taste and aroma, allowing you to smoke indoors because smoking Dokha does not leave behind a foul, pungent smell that cigarettes do. More importantly, Dokha is known to help users smoke less.
HTC is introducing Dokha in three flavours which are original, grape and mint.

Tobacco smoking was unacceptable during the Ottoman Zenith and the rulers did their level best to outlaw the product. The small pipe called MEDWAKH used to smoke Dokha was the ideal tool to get your daily nicotine dose. Almost undetecable it could be carried around and the pipe could be used inconspicuously. In addition to that, the heavy mixture of herbs and other spices disguised the smell so not to attract unneeded attention.
There are two stories associated with the origin of Dokha and Medwakh. The Arabs claim that both the tobacco and the pipe were introduced by them and at the same time the Iranians (then Persians) claim that they were responsible for the genesis of the tobacco and the pipe in the 1400’s. Either way the tobacco has been smoked, tested and enjoyed for over 500 years.



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12 Feb

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